Saturday, June 30, 2012


The new buzz word in development circles is "climate smart" agriculture.

Africans are being taught by big, smart, industrial-world institutions that their solution to climate change is climate smart agriculture.

In the place of intelligence, our leading institutions are inventing more oxymorons. Climate smart agriculture!!

This is the latest in the sanitized climate change vocabulary that makes me want to choke the language.

Changing the climate is the dumbest, most stupid thing ever because it is incompatible with agriculture.

Duh! Agriculture was only possible 10,000 years ago because the climate stabilized at a temperature that allowed humanity's greatest invention. It has developed over the past few thousand years and become even more successful over the past few hundred years because of predictable seasons and only occasional crop-damaging  
extreme weather events. 

What is climate change (sanitized word)? It is climate unpredictability, except for more heat waves, droughts, storms and floods. Not good for agriculture. 

But our insane economy-controlled culture actually says that more economic growth will allow us to grow more food, despite climate change. Really! This is what most of the crop scientists are saying and what the IPCC says. These are the maddest of mad scientists.

Our recent agricultural developments have been brilliant but they have made our modern agriculture even more dependent on a friendly climate and it will be damaged more easily by less climate change. The research is just coming out confirming this.

Since the 1995 IPCC assessment, the world has known that billions of people are "most vulnerable" to global climate change, and Africa most of all. What "most vulnerable" means is that they will die in vast numbers due to increasing famine and spreading disease. With successive IPCC assessments, the science has become more certain about the most vulnerable billions. But it's like no-one noticed.

Please don't turn away at the thought of famine. It is not our fault. The cause is an evil economic system that preys on and exploits and makes money out of the weak.

We are all being weakened ... by the economic crisis, which was engineered by the banks. Banks don't lose billions and trillions of dollars by mistake or by accident, like keeps on happening. No, the economic crisis was deliberately created. 

The science says climate change is driven by carbon dioxide. Climate change is caused by increasing atmospheric CO2. It's driven by the corporate credit economy that is driven by the big global banks. All humanity is being driven to agricultural annihilation by the evil agenda of the banking industry.

Since the 2009 Copenhagen climate change conference, the conventional wisdom has firmly settled on selling "adaptation" to climate change. There is not the slightest evidence that agriculture can adapt to climate change, yet meetings, conferences and webcasts are telling people how to adapt their food production to climate change. What the research shows is that in the very best of situations, agricultural adaptations could delay agricultural failure by less than ten years.

That cannot happen for the most vulnerable populations in the most climate change vulnerable regions. They and the regions do not have the resilience, and if they did, the aid they are entitled to under the 1992 Framework Convention on Climate Change is still not forthcoming. So Africa cannot even try to adapt. Africa has been written off by the world economy.

Right now the continent with the greatest solar power potential on the planet is being plundered for coal and oil.

I have seen media headlines urging Africa to "Adapt or Die."

Well, for Africans and vulnerable populations in Latin America and South Asia, adaptation is not an option. They will die. Already they are: hundreds of thousands a year at today's warming of 0.8ÂșC.

Believe me, we must save Africans to save ourselves. If we don't act on it now, by the time Africans are dying in their millions we will know we are watching our future. Hardcore capitalists can call it the ultimate enlightened self-interest. We must "just do it." The only way Africa can survive climate change is if we work for emergency emissions reductions for Africans — now.

We must force our cancerous/poisonous economy to adapt to the real world, the world of soil, water, trees and living ecosystems — the world of nature (and not the other way around). Adapt or die.

Ppo Peter

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Anti-Life Legislation for Canada

The Canadian government's budget-turned-omnibus Bill was passed by Stephen Harper's majority government.

The bill rips up a quarter-century of Canadian legislation to protect the environment, and of course is not what the majority of Canadians want. It is legislation on behalf of the Canadian tar sands industry, not Canadians.

James Hansen has said that if these tar sands pipeline projects go through, sending more Canadian tar sands oil to keep the world economy fixed on burning fossil fuels for energy, it is "game over for the climate."

Game over for the climate means, of course, game over for the planet and any future for humanity and most of life.

The highly conservative Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said in its last 2007 assessment that if global emissions weren't reversed by 2015 it would be game over for the climate and the planet.

With the fossil fuel agenda being aggressively forced on the world, particularly by the United States and Canadian governments, there is not a hope in hell that global emissions will be doing anything but continuing to increase come 2015.

The implication is stark and simple. If the world continues to burn more fossil fuels, today's unprecedented sky high atmospheric greenhouse gases will continue to increase, and the world will heat up far beyond temperatures that humanity will be able to survive.

Global climate change is a question now of the survival of all humanity, not just civilization. Global warming and climate change last "for ever" — the scientists say for thousands of years.

Stephen Harper and his sick ilk of moral morons is forcing policies on the Canadian people that will render the planet uninhabitable for any people of any nationality.

In the new caption (see illustration above), I have pointed out that Stephen Harper's fossil fuel pollution agenda will destroy Creation.

In his quest for political power, Harper positioned himself as a good Christian, following the example of the so-called religious right in the United States who have been forcing the same planet-destroying fossil fuel energy agenda for a number of years.

Even putting Creation at risk, let alone forcing measures that are bound to destroy Creation, is anti-Christian as well as anti-environment and anti-humanity. Hitler did the same thing, while claiming to be the greatest Christian who ever lived.

Of all our institutions, the established religions have been the best at speaking out for the protection of the environment against global climate change, but are still not speaking out strongly enough to support the poorest of humanity and the children of all species — both of which were on Christ's and in the good book.

We have known for decades that global climate change will impact first and worst on the billions of most climate change vulnerable people in the world, who are also the most socio-economically deprived people in world.

The Big Money banking and fossil fuel corporations that Harper and his co-conspirators in the United States are forcing on us are already destroying the lives of hundreds of thousands of people each year.

Even the International Energy Agency has been warning ever since 2009 that continuing to follow the fossil-fuelled business-as-usual economic scenario will mean global warming of at least 6°C by the end of the century. That is a true doomsday scenario that would definitely be the end of humanity.

Because of the ocean heat lag slowing the response of the climate system to the increased greenhouse gas heat in the lower atmosphere, a warming of 6°C by 2100 means a warming of over 10° over the centuries following 2100, which would eventually wipe out almost all life on the planet, land and oceans.

While the established churches have been in the forefront of voicing concern that the planet is already in peril from global climate change, they have fallen short of pointing out that this corporate-investment fossil-fuel-industry agenda is a moral outrage of monumental proportion. They have not called sacrificing the lives of billions of people for instant money profits a most horrendous sin and the most terrible evil.

Stephen Harper's mob in Canada and the religious right in the United States are on the wrong side of Christianity and are doing the most despicable wrong against humanity. According to the good religion they profess to follow, they are on the side of evil doing the devil's work.

Ppo Pete

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Brilliant Young Brittany Puts Rio+20 to Shame

Are you here to save face?
Or are you here to save us?

This is how the 17-year-old from New Zealand, Brittany Trilford, ended a speech she called A Date with History, which opened the UN Rio+20 conference today.

It was a great speech of historic quality in every way.

Why then did the speech only get a couple of seconds of half-hearted applause? Were the government representatives ashamed? Or was it because they didn't care about what she said or about her?

Having been involved in the Rio+20 NGOs' consultations for over six months, at last I heard  the truth that all parties had carefully avoided. Suddenly Britanny cut through the diplomatic negotiation bullshit and told the honest, plain, obvious truth. 

 I stand here with fire in my heart. I’m confused and angry at the state of the world and I want us to  
work together now to change this. We are here to solve the problems that we have caused as a collective, to ensure that we have a future.

The PR slogan for the conference was "The Future We Want." Britanny, for the first time, nailed what this Rio+20 has been about. Will her generation even have a future? Is she growing into adulthood on a planet that has no future? 
You and your governments have promised to reduce poverty and sustain our environment. You have already promised to combat climate change, ensure clean water and food security.  

Multi-national corporations have already pledged to respect the environment, green their production, compensate for their pollution. These promises have been made and yet, still, our future is in danger. 

We, the next generation, demand change. We demand action so that we have a future and have it guaranteed. 

I am here to fight for my future.  
That is why I’m here. 

You have 72 hours to decide the fate of your children, my children, my children’s children. 

I would like to end by asking you to consider why you’re here and what you can do. Are you here to save face? Or are you here to save us?

There is no question from the shameful pre-Rio+20 negotiations that the world powers decided to negotiate away a future for Brittany and her generation. They don't care.

They don't give a damn about Brittany or even their own children and grandchildren whom she alluded to. 

We can damn well tell Brittany we care. This great speech deserves to go viral. Let's do that at least. Here's a link to her speech:

Shame on us all if we don't respond and send Brittany some love. 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Arctic sea ice take another nose dive
The UK based  Arctic Methane Emergency Group (AMEG) has been spreading Arctic alarm and planetary sea ice meltdown methane emergency, attracting much disapproval  from  the real Arctic sea ice and methane experts. 

'Much ado about methane' is how leading methane climate expert David Archer described AMEG's frantic concern about the East Siberian Arctic Shelf venting methane from sea floor sediment hydrate.

David Archer, as the leading expert, had been saying for years that Arctic methane hydrate could not destabilize in any worrying amount for centuries, and even then it could not vent to the atmosphere. It would all get absorbed by the sea water (not to mention that would add to ocean acidification). He even had his own methane bubble model to back up his reassuring publications. 

He has been proved wrong but is not scientist enough to admit it. Even though there is no question large amounts of methane are venting to the atmosphere from the sea floor off Siberia, he has been hard on AMEG's case, and the experts have not changed their reassuring tune on the Arctic methane hydrate situation. 

But just recently, research discovered methane venting from cracks in the Arctic ice over a huge region from airborne monitoring. Also methane has just been discovered leaking from the vast Arctic cryocap- thinned out places in the permafrost and edges of glaciers. Neither of these had been predicted as possible. They are examples of what the climate modellers call inevitable 'surprises'. 

The Arctic is spinning out of control, the scientists haven't got a handle on he situation,  and it's high time some one yelled Runaway Emergency. It should be the experts. 

What is most alarming is what atmospheric methane is doing. Since the large sudden summer sea ice loss of 2007 atmospheric methane, having levelled off from 2000, is on a strong sustained rise again. This time though the increase is from methane feedback emissions. The warmed up planet is emitting methane.

This is truly terrifying for our futurr, but has not alarmed the scientists. 

The leading US expert said this was a probably jut a blip and that atmospheric methane would settle back to a stable level again. Well it's still increasing (16 June 2012 opposite), and in the Arctic has reached a concentration of 1900 parts per billion. The upper limit of atmospheric methane over the 800,000 year ice core record is 800 ppb. 

How can intelligent people not be frantically alarmed by that? After all methane is a greenhouse gas, and above all it is 72 times more powerful as CO2 as a greenhouse gas over a 20 year period. 

AMEG is frantic about this situation because they say the loss of the summer sea ice will accelerate the already extremely rapid rate of Arctic warming and thereby the Arctic methane emissions. The result, the unthinkable - runaway global climate change. 

The ice is not doing what the models say. As you can see (above top) this year's summer sea ice melt has suddenly started to track below the 2007 record loss. It's not supposed to be doing that. 

The sea ice experts (almost all that is) in 2007 found themselves slightly in error by relying on their highly complex expensive sea ice computer models- an error of at least 30 years. The ice was supposed to be good till the end of century- so not to worry about it now.

They expressed shock and surprise at 2007, but did not give up their models.  A whole new field of Arctic research opened up for them. Why was the sea ice misbehaving so?

They re-calibrated their models and now they are sure (again) the ice is still good till 2060.  2007 was a natural variability blip they say. No wonder they regard AMEG as amateur alarmists. 

You see the AMEG upstarts say the models are still no good because 2007 was the sea ice tipping point and the Arctic could be ice free in the summer in a just few years- not a few decades. If they are right that would make the experts look really really dumb. 

Does it matter or is AMEG making much ado about nothing much?

Well it matters immensely, because for years the experts have been warning us that the loss of the vast cooling albedo of the immense millions of square miles of Arctic sea ice is a powerful  feedback that would boost global warming. Why is it now, when it' s happening before our eyes, nothing to be alarmed about?

But not to be put off by the leading scientists, AMEG has raised a new alarm. The Arctic summer sea ice meltdown  first and foremost puts Northern hemisphere food security at risk they say. That's extremely alarming and a highly sensitive issue, as it would boost international food prices and affect world food security- at the very least. 

Let's face it since 2003 (Europe deadly heat wave) we have had some extremely weird extreme weather in the northern hemisphere. Can it all be natural blips? 

Common sense would suggest otherwise. They are all known effects of global warming. We have sustained global warming and the Arctic warming he fastest. So....

James Hansen, that maverick climate expert, has crunched the numbers and he says these events (like the Russian wild fires and crop losses) are no blips- they are global warming. 

The experts are silent on this most critical of all climate change issues, apart from ominously saying that the Arctic summer sea ice is the 'air conditioner of the entire northern hemisphere'

Even so, they say people should not be spreading alarm about our food security, because their models cannot yet project the effects of sea ice loss on crop yields with a high degree of model certainty. In theory they say the loss of cooling albedo would increase N hemisphere climate variability, drought, and extreme weather events.  But to be certain it must be confirmed by modelling. Will the Arctic wait for more modeling? The message from the sea ice is no.

When the scientists start believing their in own programmed computer models, telling people they cannot believe what eyeballing the Arctic tells us, and thinking that the planet should be behaving as their models say- the world is at the mercy of modeling madness.  

Several things are certain, what ever the timing- the Arctic is warming fast, the sea ice is melting away fast, the Arctic region is emitting methane, and the temperate climate of the northern hemisphere is threatened. It is reckless to take our food security for granted from now on. 

AMEG is right to be alarming and the experts are dumb to rely on their obviously unreliable models and be reassuringly non-alarming.

Trust in the ice -- dump the models. 

ppo Peter

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Canada's oil sands means "game over" for planet, warns NASA scientist James Hansen

The Stephen Harper Canada government is ramming through an omnibus budget bill that erodes Canadian democracy and ends decades of Canadian environmental   protection.

It's all all for the tar sands of course.

It's so big, so bad and so ugly:  Harper government's C-38 omnibus budget bill is a planet killer.

It is really the Tar Sands Promotion Act, disguised as a budget bill. 

Bill C-38: run down of the low down.

Canadian law- the Bill rewrites more than 70 different laws

Environment and Natural Resources —  guts Canada's environmental review process for industrial projects. The federal environment minister gets to decide which projects will be subject to environment assessments – not the law.  Environmental Assessments are no longer required for projects involving federal money. The bill would set time limits on reviews, restrict the ability of some Canadians to participate in the environmental hearings process, and allow Cabinet ministers to grant certificates for "major pipelines."

Navigable Waters Protection Act – Pipelines and power lines will be exempt from the provisions of this Act. The National Energy Board absorbs the Navigable Waters Protection Act (NWPA) whenever a pipeline crosses navigable waters. The NWPA is amended to say a pipeline is not a "work" within that Act.

Canadian Oil and Gas Operations Act –will exempt pipelines from the Navigational Waters Act.

Coasting Trade Act – will promote seismic testing allowing increased off-shore drilling.

National Energy Board Act – NEB reviews will be limited to two years – and then its decisions can be reversed by the Cabinet, including the present Northern Gateway Pipeline review.

Kyoto Protocol Implementation Act - scrapped - it requires annual reports on the effectiveness of federal climate change policies and an independent review of results.

National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy – Scrapped. The NRTEE brought industry leaders, environmentalists, First Nations, labour, and policy makers together to provide non-partisan research and advice on federal policies. Its demise will leave a policy vacuum in relation to Canada's economic development.

Fisheries Act —eliminates protection for all fish habitats from industrial projects. Creates an incentive to drain a lake and kill all the fish, if not in a fishery, in order to fill a hole with mining tailings.

The Species At Risk Act, which restricts industrial activity in critical natural habitat, would be changed so the minister of environment exempt industrial projects.

Environmental NGOs made powerless - would face restrictions on what political activities they can undertake or lose their charitable status.

The Security Intelligence Review Committee- scrapped. It monitors the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS). The 2012 CSIS anti-terrorism strategy lists environmental activists as a top threat.

If we keep the world economy fixed on fossil fuels global climate catastrophe is a scientific certainty. 

Tar sands oil is the global lynch pin of continued world oil dependency now we are past peak oil (2006 IEA). It also means the price of oil, along with fossil fuel energy corporate profits, and already record sky high atmospheric greenhouse gases- can only increase. 

That makes Stephen Harper a threat to the survival of humanity and most life.

It's the clearest case for united concerted Canadian uprage!

Oh! Canada

pps Peter

Monday, June 11, 2012

Messages for Cultural Mutants

Dear friends, I think one reason for our insanity of insisting that we can constantly pour global warming polluting gases into the atmosphere that cradles all life, and acid into into the oceans that are the womb of all life, is that we think we know all the answers. We believe we can fix anything and everything. 
The trouble is we don't know the questions and don't see it is we who need fixing.  ppo Peter

 Mutant Messages from Down Under

Marlo Morgan Quotes from Mutant Message from Down Under

Two very pertinent quotes for feeling and channelling UPRAGE 

... somewhere in the dry heat of the Outback there remains a slow, steady, ancient heartbeat, a unique group of people not concerned with racism, but concerned only with other people and the environment. To understand that pulse is to better understand being human or human being-ness.

Oneness for us is not an essence that surrounds things or is present inside of things—it is everything.

They do not celebrate getting older; what they do celebrate is becoming better.

I learned I could live more than one life in a lifetime.

Truth is truth. If you hurt someone, you hurt self. If you help someone, you help self.

 “There is no morality in war', they said, 'but cannibals never killed more in one day that they could eat. In your wars, thousands are killed in a few minutes. Perhaps it might be worth suggesting to you leaders that both parties in your war agree to five minutes of combat. Then let all the parents come to the battlefield and collect the pieces and parts of their children, take them home and mourn and bury them. After that is over, another five minutes of battle might or might not be agreed upon. It is difficult to make sense out of senselessness.” 

(note from UPRAGE: the American indigenous people used to say on observing how the whites lived that the palefaces 'eat their grandchildren'. A thought this rather harsh. They also said the Mothers admonished  the chiefs to make all decisions based considering the effects on the 7th generation. We are now 7 generations since the eating grandchildren saying and we are committing all our best agricultural land to destruction by today's record atmospheric greenhouse concentrations and emissions.

 Marlo Morgan Quotes from Mutant Message from Down Under

 “The spider's lesson is never to be greedy. It shows that objects of necessity can be objects of beauty and art as well. The spider teaches us that we can be too easily enraptured with ourselves.”
It seems mutants have something in their lives called gravy. They know truth, but it is buried under thickening and spices of convenience, materialism, insecurity, and fear. They also have something called frosting. It seems to represent how they spend almost all the seconds of their existence in doing superficial, artificial, temporary, pleasant-tasting, nice appearing projects and spend very few actual seconds of their lives developing their eternal beingness.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

What's wrong with this picture?

Friends, today's blog is a cartoon.
This is the first of my UPRAGE cartoon series  What's wrong with this picture? 

Have an uprageously good day, ppo Peter

Friday, June 8, 2012

It's World "Who Gives a Shit about Oceans" Day!

World Oceans Day is June 8th.

Two leopard dorid nudibranch
I am blessed to live on one of the Southern Gulf Islands off the coast of British Columbia.

My friend, the chiton
(probably a hairy)
I announced this past Tuesday to everyone I knew that the year's lowest low tide would happen at 12:05 pm. There's nothing like a negative tide (-0.3 feet!) for exploring the intertidal world, especially the lowest areas that are usually covered in water.

The co-author of my intertidal book joined me, and I was happy to see some young friends come with their children, who enthusiastically -- or politely -- oohed and aahhed for a while, but then played imaginative games together along the shore.

Orange tunicate, or sea squirt (our
closest relative in the invertebrate
world - true!)
One mom followed along with me as we peered under mysterious ledges and carefully lifted algae-encrusted rocks to see who was living underneath. For me, it was like running into old friends I haven't seen in a year. Hey, hello chiton! Hello, six-armed seastar! Nudibranch! Sea squirt! Like George Bailey in It's a Wonderful Life when he realizes he's still alive! And this mom, bless her, admitted that learning the names of what she was seeing made her exploration more fun and fulfilling.

It's certainly no longer in fashion to study natural history. Indeed, it's probably considered quaint at best, and boring at worst. In Victorian England, the middle classes enjoyed passions or crazes for seashells, for ferns, for geology. Amateur scientists abounded, and letters to the editor debated the habits and habitats of butterflies and frogs.

Sea lemon (dorid nudibranch)
 But today, even environmental educators shy away from "naming" our kin of other species. We're afraid it will turn kids off.

But how are we to make friends with someone -- of any species -- if we can't even take the time to learn their name?

Besides my friend and the handful of kids and their moms, there were two dog walkers on the beach that day. Just walking and talking, not looking or exploring or being curious. And that was it. On the lowest low tide day of the year.

If we're not curious enough to discover who inhabits the banks of our creeks, streams and rivers, who lives along the edges of our ditches, ponds and lakes, who dwells within the intertidal zone that connects the land to the sea, well, forget caring about ocean acidification, pollution, the North Pacific Gyre, overfishing or dead zones.

Happy World "Who Gives a Shit About the Oceans" Day. Please count me as someone who does.

posted by Virulent Green, GreenHearted's alter ego

Welcome to Uprage!

Welcome to my new blog, which by coincidence invents a brand new word in the English language. Well almost -- after writing the blog I found there is a, which turns out to be simple and complementary.

(There is a short video at the end that reflects my intention).

You see, outrage, outraged, outrageous, enraged, furious and infuriated were not available blog titles. Actually UPRAGE is a perfect name for what I want this blog to be about. It's about me uploading my outrage at what is being done to the world and about inviting you to do the same.

The final emotional tipping point for me was the outrageous advert put out by the criminally despicable Heartland Institute, which I shall be having a go at for sure. How can you not be totally over the top enraged at the 20 year long (launched in 1989 as the Global Climate Coalition) corrupt corporate conspiracy campaign of lying manipulative dangerous climate change denial -- that just keeps getting worse!? I can feel my blood boil just mentioning it.

OK relax -- breath. I have been involved in many social justice issues over many past years. It came quite naturally to me as a family doctor. Like anyone who gets involved in humanitarian and social issues, I got hooked through the emotional heart connection. Surely the greatest attribute of being human is our natural facility for empathy and compassion.

I am now retired and find myself spending my time on the issue of all issues of all time, which is atmospheric greenhouse gas pollution -- causing ever increasing global warming, climate change, and ocean acidification. 

This has now become the mother of all the great humanitarian and human injustice issues. This is why many years ago, global warming was termed The Great Multiplier.

Twenty years after the 1992 UN Framework Convention on Climate Change was signed at the Rio Earth Summit and after a constant stream of  negotiating meetings and conferences, we are still making next to no progress. In fact, the current UN Rio +20 sustainable development summit commemorative conference (which barely has climate change on its agenda) is putting climate change progress into reverse (along with all the other 1992 agreements). The Guardian has noted this is enough "to make a sane person mad."

It can get disheartening, so perhaps this blog is therapy,

How on Earth can a conference on sustainability not have climate change high on its agenda? It is only the greatest threat to our survival along with most life ever, but the idiot Rio +20 managers say that is too problematic for a successful international conference.

It impossible to do justice to humanity or our planet Earth or the future without putting atmospheric greenhouse gas pollution at the top of the to-do list.

This is not to say that I do not feel outraged about the recent escalation in many other social injustices from the local to the global level, and I will be writing with some passion on these.

Nor is it to say I do not have great respect for all those organizations doing the humanitarian work, and indeed the best of them like OXFAM, the Red Cross and Christian Aid are engaged in global climate change.

There is a great deal of research being published on global climate change. What is missing is passion. What is now the greatest threat to the survival of humanity and of life on our wonderful, extraordinary planet is addressed without passion -- as if it was just another problem. In fact, climate change scientists and climate change NGOs have a policy of excluding passion from their global climate change work.

When I have found myself allowing my passion to creep into my climate change communications, I have been advised by listserve moderators that passion on climate change is not permitted, which made me feel furious.

I believe that on big global issues, only head and no heart is inappropriate and inhuman, and does not work. I mean, after all we are all for compassion -- but the word means with passion.

I know that a great many great people have strong feelings about global climate change. I want to express my feelings about this terrible situation with you and invite you to express your feelings in blog articles that I will publish here.

I already find that the putting down this introduction in writing is not an easy medium for communicating outrage, and so I will be trying out a focus on video blogs.

As it is, I do have a way of communicating how I feel about our world situation for this first UPRAGE blog.

As I recall, "everyone" went to see the 1976 movie Network. I know that's why I went to see it. It starred that great English actor, Peter Finch, won 4 Oscars and its popularity was around the quote "I'm mad as hell...."

So watch this youtube of the key scene -- and you'll know what to do. I will be listening.

Passionate pissed off  Peter (ppo Peter)