Saturday, June 30, 2012


The new buzz word in development circles is "climate smart" agriculture.

Africans are being taught by big, smart, industrial-world institutions that their solution to climate change is climate smart agriculture.

In the place of intelligence, our leading institutions are inventing more oxymorons. Climate smart agriculture!!

This is the latest in the sanitized climate change vocabulary that makes me want to choke the language.

Changing the climate is the dumbest, most stupid thing ever because it is incompatible with agriculture.

Duh! Agriculture was only possible 10,000 years ago because the climate stabilized at a temperature that allowed humanity's greatest invention. It has developed over the past few thousand years and become even more successful over the past few hundred years because of predictable seasons and only occasional crop-damaging  
extreme weather events. 

What is climate change (sanitized word)? It is climate unpredictability, except for more heat waves, droughts, storms and floods. Not good for agriculture. 

But our insane economy-controlled culture actually says that more economic growth will allow us to grow more food, despite climate change. Really! This is what most of the crop scientists are saying and what the IPCC says. These are the maddest of mad scientists.

Our recent agricultural developments have been brilliant but they have made our modern agriculture even more dependent on a friendly climate and it will be damaged more easily by less climate change. The research is just coming out confirming this.

Since the 1995 IPCC assessment, the world has known that billions of people are "most vulnerable" to global climate change, and Africa most of all. What "most vulnerable" means is that they will die in vast numbers due to increasing famine and spreading disease. With successive IPCC assessments, the science has become more certain about the most vulnerable billions. But it's like no-one noticed.

Please don't turn away at the thought of famine. It is not our fault. The cause is an evil economic system that preys on and exploits and makes money out of the weak.

We are all being weakened ... by the economic crisis, which was engineered by the banks. Banks don't lose billions and trillions of dollars by mistake or by accident, like keeps on happening. No, the economic crisis was deliberately created. 

The science says climate change is driven by carbon dioxide. Climate change is caused by increasing atmospheric CO2. It's driven by the corporate credit economy that is driven by the big global banks. All humanity is being driven to agricultural annihilation by the evil agenda of the banking industry.

Since the 2009 Copenhagen climate change conference, the conventional wisdom has firmly settled on selling "adaptation" to climate change. There is not the slightest evidence that agriculture can adapt to climate change, yet meetings, conferences and webcasts are telling people how to adapt their food production to climate change. What the research shows is that in the very best of situations, agricultural adaptations could delay agricultural failure by less than ten years.

That cannot happen for the most vulnerable populations in the most climate change vulnerable regions. They and the regions do not have the resilience, and if they did, the aid they are entitled to under the 1992 Framework Convention on Climate Change is still not forthcoming. So Africa cannot even try to adapt. Africa has been written off by the world economy.

Right now the continent with the greatest solar power potential on the planet is being plundered for coal and oil.

I have seen media headlines urging Africa to "Adapt or Die."

Well, for Africans and vulnerable populations in Latin America and South Asia, adaptation is not an option. They will die. Already they are: hundreds of thousands a year at today's warming of 0.8ÂșC.

Believe me, we must save Africans to save ourselves. If we don't act on it now, by the time Africans are dying in their millions we will know we are watching our future. Hardcore capitalists can call it the ultimate enlightened self-interest. We must "just do it." The only way Africa can survive climate change is if we work for emergency emissions reductions for Africans — now.

We must force our cancerous/poisonous economy to adapt to the real world, the world of soil, water, trees and living ecosystems — the world of nature (and not the other way around). Adapt or die.

Ppo Peter

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