Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Anti-Life Legislation for Canada

The Canadian government's budget-turned-omnibus Bill was passed by Stephen Harper's majority government.

The bill rips up a quarter-century of Canadian legislation to protect the environment, and of course is not what the majority of Canadians want. It is legislation on behalf of the Canadian tar sands industry, not Canadians.

James Hansen has said that if these tar sands pipeline projects go through, sending more Canadian tar sands oil to keep the world economy fixed on burning fossil fuels for energy, it is "game over for the climate."

Game over for the climate means, of course, game over for the planet and any future for humanity and most of life.

The highly conservative Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said in its last 2007 assessment that if global emissions weren't reversed by 2015 it would be game over for the climate and the planet.

With the fossil fuel agenda being aggressively forced on the world, particularly by the United States and Canadian governments, there is not a hope in hell that global emissions will be doing anything but continuing to increase come 2015.

The implication is stark and simple. If the world continues to burn more fossil fuels, today's unprecedented sky high atmospheric greenhouse gases will continue to increase, and the world will heat up far beyond temperatures that humanity will be able to survive.

Global climate change is a question now of the survival of all humanity, not just civilization. Global warming and climate change last "for ever" — the scientists say for thousands of years.

Stephen Harper and his sick ilk of moral morons is forcing policies on the Canadian people that will render the planet uninhabitable for any people of any nationality.

In the new caption (see illustration above), I have pointed out that Stephen Harper's fossil fuel pollution agenda will destroy Creation.

In his quest for political power, Harper positioned himself as a good Christian, following the example of the so-called religious right in the United States who have been forcing the same planet-destroying fossil fuel energy agenda for a number of years.

Even putting Creation at risk, let alone forcing measures that are bound to destroy Creation, is anti-Christian as well as anti-environment and anti-humanity. Hitler did the same thing, while claiming to be the greatest Christian who ever lived.

Of all our institutions, the established religions have been the best at speaking out for the protection of the environment against global climate change, but are still not speaking out strongly enough to support the poorest of humanity and the children of all species — both of which were on Christ's and in the good book.

We have known for decades that global climate change will impact first and worst on the billions of most climate change vulnerable people in the world, who are also the most socio-economically deprived people in world.

The Big Money banking and fossil fuel corporations that Harper and his co-conspirators in the United States are forcing on us are already destroying the lives of hundreds of thousands of people each year.

Even the International Energy Agency has been warning ever since 2009 that continuing to follow the fossil-fuelled business-as-usual economic scenario will mean global warming of at least 6°C by the end of the century. That is a true doomsday scenario that would definitely be the end of humanity.

Because of the ocean heat lag slowing the response of the climate system to the increased greenhouse gas heat in the lower atmosphere, a warming of 6°C by 2100 means a warming of over 10° over the centuries following 2100, which would eventually wipe out almost all life on the planet, land and oceans.

While the established churches have been in the forefront of voicing concern that the planet is already in peril from global climate change, they have fallen short of pointing out that this corporate-investment fossil-fuel-industry agenda is a moral outrage of monumental proportion. They have not called sacrificing the lives of billions of people for instant money profits a most horrendous sin and the most terrible evil.

Stephen Harper's mob in Canada and the religious right in the United States are on the wrong side of Christianity and are doing the most despicable wrong against humanity. According to the good religion they profess to follow, they are on the side of evil doing the devil's work.

Ppo Pete

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