Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hitler Finds Out Climate Change Is Real (spoof)

Hitler Finds Out Climate is Real 

Yes this is very clever and very well done. 

What I find particularly clever and appropriate is that the corporate conspiracy of lying and deceiving the public about catastrophically dangerous climate change is given the equivalent status of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime.

We have greatly underestimated the influence of this deadly conspiracy that has been waging a psychological operations war on behalf of the fossil fuel industry for 20 years. 

I suspect the inexplicable general denial and complacency in the face of the coming climate catastrophe, is the result of the diabolical cleverness of this psychops campaign against the public intelligence.

They have used Hitler's propaganda tool of demonizing the opposition, the big lie and simple endless repetition of falsified facts to take control of the public perception of the climate change threat.

This is why it takes these comic creative productions to attract people to even consider the risk of climate catastrophe.

And even if they do watch this kind of climate change production and promotion of the climate truth, will people really get the message that, as James Hansen has written, now is our last chance to save humanity from the coming climate catastrophe, or will they move onto the next entertaining Youtube. 

Instead of acting like intelligent human beings demanding that our governments intervene with a planetary emergency (James Hansen 2008) response the conventional wisdom is just to do more research to be even more certain that we are destroying ourselves, and to look for all kinds of psychological reasons to explain why we are doing nothing to stop it- except to promote adaptation to the coming climate catastrophe.

Planning to adapt to global climate change is like planning to leave a non-stop express train at a suitable time and place. 

This is heaping insanity onto insanity onto insanity.

The Second World War and the Nazi Holocaust is conveniently explained and blamed on the insanity of one man, Adolf Hitler. Everyone is rightly outraged at Hitler's atrocious crimes against humanity. 

Though he was the instigator of dirty political tricks, Hitler was elected democratically. The record of this still recent history shows that European civilization in all the nations that Germany took over was only too ready to compromise and turn a blind eye as the crimes of the Nazis escalated. Very many helped the Nazis in their 
bloody business. Hitler's concentration camps were built and run for economic reasons.

No amount of psychological rationalization can absolve our generation from being blind the coming global warming holocaust that we are recording in great detail but not actively opposing. Unlike the people of Germany we have no excuse for our compromising and delaying - quite the opposite for we are the 'affluent age' of the 'consumer culture'.

The very few people in the world telling the terrible climate change truth like Al Gore, James Hansen - surely there must be others- have reminded us of Winston Churchill in the lead up to the Second World War and the Nazi Holocaust.

The first volume of Churchill’s great literary historical epic The Second World War is The Gathering Storm. 

We are watching and ignoring the gathering global climate change storm that without drastic emergency intervention will annihilate humanity and most of life. 

Winston Churchill starts The Gathering Storm describing how he had recognized the great evil of Hitler and his 'Nazi Huns'. However he describes how he fully understood the reasons for the rise of Nazism in Germany which he seems to have had some sympathy for,  but this did not shake him from his bulldog determination to overcome the what he called the 'monstrous tyranny' of the 'Nazi evil'. 

We are in a similar position now only it is on a global scale. Suddenly the world is polarized between good and evil by the rise of a monstrous evil tyranny such as the world has never seen. Know it or not, today we live in a time of unprecedented evil, as time will tell it is far worse than the worst of Hitler's. 

That is because already the unprecedented concentration of today's greenhouse gases in the atmosphere , emitted at an accelerating rate in modern times, commits the future to a global warming several times greater than today's, and who is demanding that we stop emitting greenhouse gases. 

It is 20 years since the unprecedented rate of species extinction was recognized and since the global warming effect of atmospheric greenhouse gas pollution was recognized. 

For the past 20 years there have been almost 1 billion people in the world needlessly condemned to hunger and malnutrition with the terrible needless loss of life that this imposes on the most economically deprived populations in the world. This is the result of what UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan called 'the twin evils of extreme wealth and extreme poverty'.

Global climate change over the past few years has just started to pile more victims onto these horrendous evils. An estimated 300,000 people a year are being killed by global climate change. The fastest ever species extinction is increasing even further. 30% of life has been wiped out in the past 40 years as our fossil fuel civilization demolishes the last great forests of our magnificent planet (2012 Living Planet Report).

The conventional convenient wisdom on global climate change is not to communicate the full catastrophic truth of our situation because it is doom and gloom which it might scare people. Heaven forbid that people should be made afraid of global warming and climate change.  Instead we are advised to change our light bulbs, drive less, and recycle- and most important of all to be hopeful. 

Yes we do need to recycle, but we need to see that none of these have any effect on the fossil economy monster that keeps on growing. 

Of course it's gloom and doom if we do not revolt against the monstrous tyranny of the fossil fuelled globalized corporate economy. It is doom and glooms for our children- all our children in all the world.

The famous and important quote “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” comes from another British statesman of the early 19th century, Edmund Burke. It speaks to us today. 

Burke gained attention for his radical ideas that led him to strongly oppose the 'slave trade' against the general rationalized acceptance of the 'trade' as an economic benefit. 

Like so many others of my generation somehow I assumed that the evil shadow of European civilisation dies with Hitler and Hitler in Hitler's Berlin bunker. I thought I was being sophisticated by philosophising that there was really no such thing as evil in the world. Everything was shades of grey and relative. As I look upon what we are condemning the future of all humanity and life to with abject complacency and without remorse  I realise how wrong I have been.

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