Friday, July 20, 2012

The Greatest Hoax is the Greatest Crime

As the terrible truth of global warming's reality starts to sink in to the American mind, the terrible crime of those in power who have lied and deceived the American people is finally coming to light.

The self proclaimed Fuhrer of the great US climate change corporate fossil fuel conspiracy is Senator James Inhofe. 

I wonder how many books of his 2012 The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future will sell from now. 

Inhofe is in fact the greatest threat to the future, and he must relish it in some perversely evil way. 

He calls himself the top watchdog of the US government's global warming agenda.  That means he lies and deceives the American people from the safety of the US Congress to make sure America burns more and more fossil fuels where all the big quick dirty dollars are to be made - especially with the world past peak oil. 

This Senator is one mad viscous dog who hounds all those in government who know we must stop burning fossil fuels if our children are to survive a life of global warming the disrupted climate. 

He is top of the league in crimes against humanity. 

In a 2006 interview with the Tulsa World newspaper, Inhofe was reported saying of the environmental movement and global warming , "It kind of reminds... I could use the Third Reich, the Big Lie ... You say something over and over and over and over again, and people will believe it, and that's their strategy... A hot summer has nothing to do with global warming". 

Now that's a revealing comment, because obviously no one has used the Hitler Big Lie strategy in a more extreme destructive way than Inhofe over global warming. The big lie got Hitler elected and the rest is the most evil period in our history when millions were murdered for economic convenience- most evil period up to now that is.   

The more fossil fuels we burn the more food for the future burns and the more millions will starve- all over the world. Of course the Senator knows that, like he must know that unmitigated global warming is going to kill tens of millions -at least. 

An estimated 300, 000 are already being killed by global climate change. Now some Americans have been killed by the extreme heat caused by global warming. 

In America oil is now being squeezed out of shale, from ultra deep sea drilling and soon out of the Arctic- making lots more of the most dirty money ever and committing (condemning) all future generations to a heating many times today's that is already baking the world's best farm land. If not stopped, that is a heat most of humanity will not survive.

Inhofe has brought human depravity to a new low by abusing his personal  political power to sacrifice the future of all life in order to make the most fast fossil fuel money today. 

The greatest region of food production in the world is being ruined and its because of  malicious morons like Inhofe. Don't be deceived America- this smarmy smiling Senator is the most dangerous man ever. 


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  2. People lie Senator Senator James Inhofe are no better than wartime criminals or mass murderers. In fact their very actions only serve to accelerate the inevitable catastrophes awaiting humankind. The longer we wait to address the environmental crises we face, the more deaths will occur as a result of extreme weather, droughts, famines, pollution, depleting fresh water supplies and the like. Hence my comparison to mass murderers.

    The Senator(and others like him - most Republicans) obviously has no conscience. Does he not have children or grandchildren of his own? How can he ever look them in the eye? How will he answer them when they ask him, “what did you do” to address climate change? He is obviously an irresponsible and morally bankrupt individual.

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