Saturday, July 28, 2012

UPRAGE for the great reefs

Thanks to the excellent Canadian environmental journalist Stephen Leahey I was drawn to this headline  by scientists concerning the world's coral reefs.

Scientists Declare State of Emergency for World’s Coral Reefs

Scientists Declare State of Emergency for World’s Coral Reefs
  • The acidity of the ocean’s surface has increased due to increased atmospheric CO2.
On reading the statement it seems Stephen, like many of the media I am glad to say since the 2009 Copenhagen debacle, has put helpful words into the mouths of the scientists- in this case one word.

The word is 'emergency' for the worlds coral reefs .

There is no doubt the coral reefs are in a state of emergency.

No doubt this word was in the hearts of the scientists straining to be heard, but it didn't make it past the scientist head. You see the scientists still insist that words like emergency, dangerous, disastrous or catastrophic are banned from the communications of scientists because they are value judgement words that scientists can't make. I am so piffed oss by this!

So what the report says is a catalogue of numbers. Surely to Godness these experts could at least state what they know will happen if nothing is done to stop the CO2 emissions that are making the oceans acid.

The coral reefs will die. The fish that that make the reefs their homes and nurseries will die. The fish that depend those little fish for food will die. The oceans will eventually die. Disease Dying and Death  are scientific words - like they are objective findings. Dead rotting fish and rotten sea floors. That is what the science determines will happen if we don't stop heating and acidifying the oceans.

I just checked and guess what - the IPCC (lots of scientists) reported in the 2007 climate assessment that at a 1.5C warming 'all coral reefs' would be 'bleached' and that at 3C 'all coral reefs would be dead overgrown by algae'. That's more like it. Dead tells us some thing. The algae bit communicates to us- like really dead, dead for ever.

Now by the climate science, for a long time, we have definitely known we have been absolutely committed to a warming of 1.5C (double today's 0.8C). Today according to the published science we are committed to 2.4C. So the coral reefs are today committed to a mass dying and if no one who has expert knowledge declares coral reef planetary emergency they are as good as dead, doomed, done for, condemned, history, only to be seen on videos.

The public of course believes when there is an impending ocean or climate emergency the experts on the climate and oceans will gravely declare an emergency. Well unless they have a huge change of heart and head, they are never going to declare emergency. They will pronounce them dead when they are certain they are dead. When  they over grown with algae.

Why not declare reef emergency before they are definitely dead?  Just like a doctor does, which is interesting because doctors are scientists who were make objective observations and records and they declare emergencies on the basis of these - to prevent death.

Does this scientific report below communicate the reality of what is objectively happening to the oceans. The latest football results are far more interesting.

Changes already observed over the last century:
  • The surface of the world’s oceans has warmed by 0.7°C, resulting in unprecedented coral bleaching and mortality events.
  • The acidity of the ocean’s surface has increased due to increased atmospheric CO2.

  • By the end of this century:
    • CO2 emissions at the current rate will warm sea surface temperatures by at least 2-3°C, raise sea-level by as much as 1.7 meters, reduce ocean pH from 8.1 to less than 7.9, and increase storm frequency and/or intensity. This combined change in temperature and ocean chemistry has not occurred since the last reef crisis 55 million years ago.
    A concerted effort to preserve reefs for the future demands action at global levels,

    Too bad - there will no action in response to this kind of science reporting. Mortality event?  'MORTALITY EVENT'

    Where the hell did they get that language from - the US army- like civilian death is 'collateral damage'. 

     Those corals DIED damn it. They are now being overgrown with slimy algae. Get real experts. 

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